Eyeglass Accessories

Well the new stock has arrived and looks fabulous. Eyeglass Leashes and Eyeglass lanyards are now available in 6 new styles Рincluding MENS designs.  The eyeglass products have been extremely popular and women are loving the designs and range now available. You will also notice that some of our prices have decreased. Just offering you more value for money.

Dont forget to keep beadID in mind as a great gift for Christmas. All of our lanyards come with a black organza bag.

Happy Shopping. Rochelle


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Reeds Gift Fair – New Designs

What a busy start to the year we have had. I have just been to China to meet with our manufactuer about our new range coming out later this year and some new products arriving on our shelves in March.

There are six new desings which we are launching at the Reed Gift Fair. For those of you who love Purple we will finally have a purple beadID called the Shelby. Then there is a lovely new green design, a clear and silver design, a design based around the Chakra (those who know what this is… will know what this is… and those that dont think clear and coloured stones ūüôā

And most exciting of all is that we have 2 new styles – 2 new MENS styles. Yes we will be launching the new Troy and Harrison styles which look like those surfy necklaces guys wear but longer as a lanyard. Very exciting because they also come in a glasses Leash and look fantastic with sunglasses.

Mentioning Sunglasses we are putting a bigger oval ring on the end of our short glasses lanyards so that you can hang your sunglasses on there as well. Too Cool hey!!

So keep a lookout for the photos being posted in March – or if you are a wholesaler then visit us in Hall 1 – Stand 1320.

Have a great month!

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Welcome Wild Cards & Gifts

Its hard to believe there are only 6 weeks until Christmas and 7 weeks until the end of the Year. 2009 has certainly been a year to remember. beadID is now in over 150 stores Australia wide and we would like to welcome the Wild Retail Group as our Retail Partners. We are very excited that our product has been included in the Wild Christmas Catalogue which will be distributed to over 1million households throughout Australia. Thank you to Wild for this fabulous opportunity. You can check out your closest Wild Cards and Gifts Store by clicking on Where to Buy.

Remember beadID’s are a great Christmas gift for everyone. Especially those people you just cant think of something to buy for them. Get them a beadID for their USB, their pen, their house keys, their phone, their purse, ID, their garage remote or even whistle. And if they are a teacher or nurse or work in an office building they most probably have a boring ugly fabric lanyard that desperately needs replacing!! So check out our stockists and go and see our fantastic products in the flesh. They even come in a black organza bag which makes them the perfect packaged for giving!!

Happy Shopping!!

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New Products Are Here!!

Well after many requests from YOU we have finally launched our glasses range. Yes we listened and we beaded and here they are.

We have a special glasses Lanyard – 10cm shorter than the original lanyard so that when you hang your glasses through the ring and sit down they wont rest in your lap. After all – thats what you asked for! They come in 15 different designs and still have the magnetic clasp.

We also now have Glasses Leashes. Yes beautiful and stylish our glasses leashes attach to the frames of your glasses. They are based on the same styles we have now but we have taken out some of the really chunky beads and replaced them with delicate seed beads. This will give your glasses a whole new look. Check out the Yvonne or the Rhonda!! They are my favourites.

Please post a review and tell us what you think. Also watch out for our newsletter which will anounce a competition to design a beadID for our next range. So get your thinking caps on. Talk soon!

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Thank you

I would just like to say THANK YOU to all of the people who have purchased a beadID product Рa lanyard, mobile pouch, accessory or purse. We have had a whirlwind of a year and we are now in over 120 stores Australia Wide.  So first I would like to say a big Thank you to our wholesale customers who continue to support us and work with us to make beadID a great product and great company. I would also like to thank all of our Public customers who have also supported us so generously this year. We have had great feedback from teachers, nurses, medical staff, office staff and everyone who has purchased beadID.

We have now launched our new range of Glasses Lanyards and Glasses Leashes. Never lose your glasses again!! We wouldn’t have this product without you. We have had so many requests to make our lanyards shorter so that glasses dont¬†rest in your lap when you sit down.¬† These shorter lanyards also have a lovely silver spring ring Jewellery clasp, just like a necklace.

We also have Glasses leashes to attach to the frames of your glasses and allow you to hang these on your neck.

Dont forget to tell all your friends and family or why not give them a beadID as a great Christmas gift.

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50 Stores Australia Wide


We would like to thank all of the stores who are now stocking our product. After only launching in January this year its great to see our product so widely sold Australia wide.

Momentum is just beginning with calls starting to come in asking to stock beadID’s.¬†Just the other day I was speaking to a Stockist in New South Wales who had recently been in Canberra. While she was out having coffee she noticed a whole group of ladies wearing beadID’s. She thought that was fantastic and so do we.

If you spot someone wearing a beadID then please let us know. We love to hear about when and where our product is worn. We know many teachers, nurses, office workers and mums are proud to finally have something stylish and practical.

You can checkout your local store by clicking on the “Where to Buy” tab. Dont be shy… drop us a line.

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Coming up for air!

Wow! What a ride. Sarah and I have just been to the Sydney Gift Fair – well it was the end of February – but we have only just settled back into a routine. We had such an amazing time and learnt such a lot about “getting our product out there”.

Firstly there was the whole “whats your product again???” Yes, the obligitory blank looks and stares at our stand (and at us) as people grappled with the confusion of “whats a lanyard”, “it looks like a necklace but its got stuff hanging off it” OOOHHHHH – one of those things. And then the “WOW!! What a great idea!!” So over they would come …..

Sarah and I got very good at our “pitch”. Everyone was in a hurry, everyone was tired, everyone just wanted to know – “will it work in my store?” I even had one customer say to me “thats the best spiel I’ver heard in years – you’ve answered all my questions – I’ll¬† have a Stand Kit.” The whole transaction took less than 5 minutes.

Yes we had it down pat Рand then with FREE freight, FREE Organza bags, FREE POS what more could they ask for. Of course we also told them all about beaded lanyards and our accessories, that they were great for teachers, nurses, working women and busy people who just want to be hands free. An then all about what you can hang from a beadID Рyour keys, ID, swipe cards, pens, whistles, purse, mobile etc etc. An lastly there was the very generous markup we offer wholesale customers and in these struggling times its very important.  Retailers loved our product and you can checkout our Stockists list on our website to see where in Australia you can buy beadIDs.

Then we had to come home (exhausted and with very sore feet) and pack all the orders. We were definitely on a high! This was our dream manifesting itself and here we were. I dont think either of us have worked so hard in our lives but the rewards and satisfaction of seeing your dreams coming true are worth it!

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Beads versus Rugby. No contest.

I am going to make a sweeping generalisation, and please reply¬†if you think I am wrong, but as far as I can tell the concept of beaded lanyards to a man is as foreign as the rules of rugby union are to¬†women.¬† Its the nuances that both sexes just don’t understand.¬† I had a male friend ask “Why do you need something pretty to hang keys?¬† Just put them in your pocket”.¬†

What men don’t understand is that our pockets¬†already contain an Emergency Kit.¬† In my case this includes tissues/baby wipe, lipg loss, Band aid and a snack for my ever-hungry 4-year old.¬† My overstuffed pockets are not for the joy of it – it is through necessity.¬† We need this ‘stuff’ to get us through the trip to the park, school run, meeting in town, coffee with friends or the long wait at the doctor’s surgery.

Now my pockets no longer bulge РI feel like I have my pre-children hips again.  I have taken to my beadID and the gorgeous silver quilted pouch (moble phone pouch) like there was no tomorrow.  It fits everything from my Emergency Kit as well as my mobile phone! 

There is no Friday Night Football for me.  I am going to leave the men to understanding rugby, while I embrace the fact that beads play an essential part in my life.

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beadID’s 6 yr old sales rep

My 6 yr old daughter loves beadID’s beaded lanyards.¬† She loves the different colours, the different shaped beads¬†(especially the hearts), the fact that some of them ‘shimmer’ and that she can hang lots of groovy dolls and keys around her neck.¬† She feels very responsible and very chic (and she is, in a manner suitable to a 6 yr old!)

Because she loves her beadID so much she has taken to telling everyone about how good they are and that ‘my Mum works for the company’.¬† The latest installment of her sales pitch was yesterday at school.¬† On the way back to the car she asked to wear my beadID (current attachments – car key, house keys and garage remote). As we neared the gate she stopped to talk to a friend.¬† Below¬†are the snippets of conversation I heard as I stood my distance.

Interaction between my 6yr daughter to a (speechless) 6yr old friend

Daughter (D) – shows friend the beadID

Friend (F) – “I’m waiting for my Mum”

D -…”it’s called a beadID”.¬†

D -..”it’s a lanyard, do you know what a lanyard is?”

D -…”they are really cool.” (with an American accent – she was born in England and now lives in Australia so that is a real worry.)

D – (The clincher for me)….”you should check out their website www.beadID.com.au

F – “Huh?”

I kid you not!  I said to her that she should be in sales.  I am so proud that she loves the product and is proud of my work, but I am also a little worried.  What am I turning my daughter into???

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Beaded Lanyards or beadIDs?

In our office Рbeaded lanyard is a swear word!!  Well, that was the rule originally but I kept breaking it.  How can you describe a beadID without using the word lanyard?  What else could it be?

Well the obvious answer to that it’s “one of those things you hang around your neck with your keys and stuff on”. We decided that this had to change. Just as we were focused on bringing change to the lanyard world (much to the relief of teachers, nurses, corporate working women and mums everywhere), we were also focused on creating a “new” word for “those things you hang around your neck with your stuff on”. beadID is that word.¬†¬†beadID is the name of our company and also the name of our product.

We want to create a Revolution. The beadID revolution. No more fabric lanyards!! No more fashion disasters!! No more “things you hang around your neck with your stuff on”. From today be seen wearing a beadID.¬† Help us to spread the word!!

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Delegate to the kids?

Q: Lanyards, what are they?¬† A:¬† The thing you wear around your neck that you hang stuff on.¬† Response (from an older Marketer):¬† They didn’t have lanyards when I was young – but how I wish they had (especially if they were stylish¬†beadID – beaded lanyards).¬†

If the truth be known, I am on the downhill side of 29.¬† So, in response to the barrage of social marketing¬†and Web 2.0 options, electronic gadgets and the capabilities of computers and the Internet, I hear myself thinking…….”In my day…”¬†¬†

In my day there was……….

  • board games and outside time v DS and X-Box
  • Funk and Wagnalls v Wikipedia
  • 7pm ABC news v live video streaming
  • Saturday classified ads¬†v eBay

But, how I love today!¬† Where would I be without blogs to read, eBbay items to bid on, Amazon to buy from and¬†the ‘old humble’ email to communicate via?¬†

As someone older than ’29’ I must admit my life isn’t dedicated to all that is electronic and cyber-ed.¬† Which leads to the problem of how do I possibly keep up with all that is relevant, productive, worthwhile and efficient in the world of social marketing and web 2.0?¬†

I will let you in on a secret.¬† I am going to delegate to the kids……………¬†

Yes, I admit it. I am honest enough with myself to realise that the kids know more, way more, than me on this topic. 

I say let them confine themselves to the monitor while I get on with everything else….

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Where to start?

Here I was with an amazing project on my hands – too many ideas and so far a¬†blank sheet of paper.¬† The questions from ‘Marketing 101’ were spinning wildly around in my head, plus I had to face the challenges of having a small budget, understanding the opportunities associated with Web 2.0 & knowing not as much as I should¬†about retail marketing.¬† My first step was to read – read as much as I could get my hands on.¬† Books on Word of Mouth Marketing, Web 2.0, How to Sell Stuff, Retail Marketing, Marketing for SMEs, Marketing on a Small Budget, Creating a Strong Brand.¬† The list of books, websites and Blogs I visited and e-newsletters I subscribed to was very long.¬† My inbox is still a testament to resources available on the web.¬†

The Directors and I spent hours discussing who our ideal customer should be, what would they look for in a beadID, how would they where it, would they know what is was, what would they hang from it, how many would they buy, what accessories would be the most useful, where should we sell it, what would customers be looking for in a design etc, etc, etc.  Once we had established the answers to these and hundreds more questions we finally felt that we understood our product and retail base better Рbut only a little and only in theory!

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Getting started …

People say to me all the time, ‚ÄúSo how did you think of the idea‚ÄĚ and I say ‚Äď good friends, good fun and wine. Haven‚Äôt we all had those social situations where we sit around and think of ways we can change the world. A few drinks and we have all come up with ‚Äėideas‚Äô or inventions that could change our lives. So what stops us? Probably fear. Fear of failure or hard work or the unknown. But I also think that mostly it‚Äôs because we don‚Äôt know where to start. And it has stopped me for years as well. I honestly don‚Äôt know why this time was different. The only thing I know for sure is that I really wanted it this time. I was tired of my own excuses. Things had to change. And change they did. So when people ask me now ‚Äúhow did you think of the idea‚ÄĚ, I tell them I don‚Äôt know, it was just good timing. A group of friends, a few wines, on holidays and 4 nights thinking about how we could earn some extra money. I am sure you have done this yourself over the years. The only difference is that this time, we did something about it.

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Life Changing

So, we three have started a business together, and the sense from the beginning has been, that what we have embarked on will be life changing. It has been truly exciting, and who would have imagined almost twelve months ago that one ‚Äėtiny‚Äô idea would have taken the direction it has.


It has always been our hope that this venture would be life changing, but, life changing on another level also. That is, life changing for others, not just ourselves. ‚ÄúWhy wait until our company is turning over six figures when we can make a difference from the outset‚ÄĚ, we agreed.


The hunt was on, for a charity or organization close to our hearts and perhaps even close to our homes. With all this in mind, our preferences were leaning towards a young charity that would therefore be in need of our support.

So, while toiling away creating a company and getting ready to launch our product, we have been researching charities and charitable organizations in Australia. With all three of us Teachers and two of us working with children with special needs, our hearts were set on supporting a charity or organization that works to support children with special needs, and believe me, there is no shortage to choose from…


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In the beginning…

Where to start?  The journey of starting our own business has been one of the most challenging but rewarding things I have ever done.  Not only have I learnt so much about running a business, importing, websites, customs, banking, marketing, accounting, IP, trademarking, graphic design (and the list goes on) … but I have also made remarkable personal transformations in my life as well.  My part in our beadID blog will be to share this remarkable journey with you.  Both from a business and personal transformation.  My name is Rochelle.  I am a single mother and (former J) Primary School teacher, although I have had many other occupations as well. It has always been my dream to have my own business.  Mainly, so I could have flexible working hours and be financially independent.  But what sort of business, has eluded me for years… until beadID came along.  How did beadID start?  Well stay tuned for my next blog and I will take you on a journey which I hope may influence you to step forward and create your dreams.


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A Chance Meeting

If ever have the opportunity to get involved with a group of determined¬†and focused¬†women who are bringing to market an awesome new product which is beautifully made and designed – JUMP on board!¬† Well that is what I did, and only once I was there did I fully appreciate how little I knew about retail marketing – except that I love to window shop and web browse.¬† With honesty¬†being¬†the best policy, I bared my sole and told the truth.¬† “Neither do we” came the reply and so my learning curve began…

To explain, I fell into beadID quite by chance.  Over coffee one lunchtime with my old school friend, and beadID Director Rochelle, I was privy to the beautiful product samples she, and two fellow teachers, were finalising.  We talked beads, colours, how brilliant and practical they were, who would buy them, where to sell them and how.  beadID needed some brand guidance and I offered to get in touch with a graphic designer I thought would be perfect for them.  With the introduction made I thought that-was-that Рbut in fact, it was only the beginning.

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